Degree & Year Graduated

B.S. Computer Science 2004

How did you become interested in your field?

My mom is a software developer.

What do you do for a living now? What do you enjoy most about your current career position?

Software Development. I enjoy the puzzle solving aspect of programming and the casual attire.

What have been the biggest challenges in your career?

Getting that first job.

What is the best professional lesson you learned from the Computer Science Department?

Sometimes your teammates won’t pull their own weight, so you need to be willing to pick up the slack and get it done.

What was the best class you took? Did you have a favorite Professor?

One of the most useful classes I took was actually the logic class, which I think was in the philosophy department.

What is your favorite memory from the time spent in the department?

When the professor for the OOP (in SmallTalk) class let me add on the last day of adds because I’d missed a CS credit in my graduation application form (Note: A class that counts in both CS & Humanities cannot be used for both, just FYI).

What advice do you have for our current students?

Networking is a hugely important factor in getting that first job.


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