Tyler & Alan standing next to each other holding their certificatesCongratulations go out to Tyler Turner for being named the most outstanding graduate of 2013 for the Computer Science Department.  Tyler first attended SDSU in the Spring of 2010, transferring in from community college. During his 5 semesters here at SDSU, he has been a teaching assistant for professors Riggins and Edwards for the department’s CS310 class, as well as a researcher and developer for image analysis projects in Dr. Edwards’ lab. After graduation, Tyler will be moving on to work full-time at Qualcomm, where he will take his place on a small research and development team as a software developer doing rapid prototyping of multimedia capabilities for Android devices. Tyler gives a word of advice to his fellow CS majors, “You get out of this craft exactly what you put into it. Work hard and you will be rewarded in kind.”  We wish Tyler all the success in his future endeavors!

Tyler chose professor Riggins as his most influential faculty member because of the formative nature of the classes he took with him. Tyler states, “He is a fantastic lecturer, and was always there to assist me when I had questions, and it was through him that I got my experience as a teaching assistant.”