Full Time Faculty


head shot of Ivan BajicIvan Bajic

Research Interests: routing and optimization, high-resolution medical and industrial imaging, GPGPU parallel computing, embedded systems and robotics, multimedia and graphics, computer-assisted art and animation coloring

Industry Experience: multimedia and graphics, consultant for tech and bio-tech companies, consultant for UCSD youth science outreach projects, technical papers reviewer for SIGGRAPH and IEEE, has multiple patents for medical and industrial imaging and multimedia.

Office:  GMCS 538     Phone Number: 619-594-7253

Email: ibajic@edoras.sdsu.edu



Headshot of Leland Beck

Dr. Leland Beck

Office:  GMCS 547    Phone Number: 619-594-6807





Dr. John Carroll, Undergraduate Adviser

Research Interests: queueing theory, analysis of computer systems, data replication, and computer reliability

Office:  GMCS 537    Phone Number: 619-594-7242

Email: carroll@edoras.sdsu.edu



Headshot of Carl EckbergDr. Carl Eckberg

Office:  GMCS 543    Phone Number: 619-594-6834






rob edwardsDr. Robert Edwards

Research Interests: Bioinformatics analysis of DNA sequences; Computer vision

Industrial experience: Consultant for biotech companies large and small

Office:  PS 123   Phone Number: 619-594-1672




Headshot of Patty KraftPatty Kraft

Industry Experience: Data communications embedded systems, Biotechnology large scale web applications

Office:  GMCS 544   Phone Number: 619-594-7243





headshot of Dr. LiuDr. Xiaobai Liu

Research Interests:  Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics and their applications to clinic diagnosis,  sports, transportation, surveillance, video games and others.

Industry Experience: video surveillance security system; transportation monitoring;  medical image analysis and diagnose.

Office:  GMCS 531   Phone Number: 619-594-6837




ShangpingDr. Shangping Ren, Chair

Research Interests: Cyber-Physical Systems, Real-Time Scheduling, and Cloud Computing

Office:  GMCS 407A    Phone Number: 619-594-6191

Email: sren@sdsu.edu




Headshot of Marie RochDr. Marie Roch

Research Interests: bioacoustics, machine learning

Industry Experience: AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories

Office:  GMCS 533   Phone Number: 619-594-5830

Email: Marie’s E-Mail Address




Headshot of Mahmoud TarokhDr. Mahmoud Tarokh

Office:  GMCS 541   Phone Number: 619-594-2640





Headshot of Faramarz ValafarDr. Faramarz Valafar

Office:  GMCS 545   Phone Number: 619-594-4573





Headshot of Wei WangDr. Wei Wang, Graduate Adviser

Research Interests: QoE/QoS Resource Allocation, Networks Economics, Wireless Multimedia Communications.

Industry Experience: Siemens AG Communications.

Office:  EIS 310    Phone Number: 619-594-4302

Email: wwang@sdsu.edu



headshot of Roger WhitneyDr. Roger Whitney, Graduate Adviser

Research Interests: Object-oriented programming, Functional programming, software development, mobile computing

Industrial experience: AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories

Office:  GMCS 561   Phone Number: 619-594-3535




headshot of Tao XieDr. Tao Xie

Research Interests: High Performance Computing, Storage Systems, Cluster and Grid Computing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Systems, Real- time/Embedded Systems, Dynamic Resource Management, and Performance Evaluation

Industry Experience: Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center, Shanghai, China; Anhui Province Computing Center, Hefei, China

Office:  GMCS 535   Phone Number: 619-594-2014




Dr. Yang Xu

Office: GMCS 542

Email: yxu4@sdsu.edu



Part Time Faculty


headshot of female with shoulder-length hairDr. Neda Alipanah

Research Interests: Knowledge Presentation, Integration and Discovery; Text Mining and Natural Language Processing; Semantic Web and Reasoning; Bioinformatics and Biomedical Ontologies; Efficient Algorithms for Ontology Computation; Ontology Ranking, Ontology Alignment

Office: GMCS 536   Phone Number: 619-594-0788

Email: nalipanah@sdsu.edu



headshot of Peter BartoliPeter Bartoli

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700





Headshot of Cynthia ChieCyndi Chie

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700

Email: cyndi.chie.cs@sdsu.edu




headshot of HealeyShawn Healey

Office:  GMCS 540   Phone Number: 619-594-1668

Email:  shealey@sdsu.edu





Headshot of Jo Ann LaneDr. Jo Ann Lane

Research Interests: software engineering, system of systems engineering, lean and agile development

Industry Experience: Over 25 years of system and software development in the areas of surveillance, command and control, communications, healthcare, and enterprise-wide integration

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700



Headshot of Guy LeonardGuy Leonard

Office:  GMCS 540   Phone Number: 619-594-1668






Headshot of Steve PriceSteve Price

Research Interests: Visualization of Big Data, Data Analytics, Gameification, Game Theory, Video Game Design, Graph Theory, Software Engineering, and Computer Security

Industry Experience: Over thirty years experience managing medium to large projects in the commercial, health care and academic sectors

Office:  GMCS 564   Phone Number: 619-594-1700

Email: sprice@sdsu.edu



Adjunct Faculty


Kazem SohrabyDr. Kazem Sohraby, Research Professor (Adjunct)

Research Interests: wireless and cognitive radio, communications networks and systems.

Industry Experience: Bell Labs — advanced communications technologies and mathematics.

Email: ksohraby@sdsu.edu



Emeritus Faculty


Headshot of Kasi AnanthaDr. Kasi Anantha






Headshot of Sara BaaseDr. Sara Baase-Mayers







Headshot of John DonaldDr. John Donald






Dr. Edmund Deaton


Dr. Richard Hagar



Headshot of Nenad MarovacDr. Nenad Marovac







Alan Riggins

Alan Riggins







Bill RootWilliam Root

Office:  GMCS 531






Headshot of Kris StewartDr. Kris Stewart







Headshot of Vernor VingeDr. Vernor Vinge

Email: vvinge@sdsu.edu






headshot of Marko VuskovicDr. Marko Vuskovic






Teresa Couri

Office: GMCS 407A Phone Number: 619-594-1931

Email: tcouri@sdsu.edu

Dennis Conte

Office: GMCS 413   Phone Number: 619-594-6192

Email: dconte@sdsu.edu



headshot of Roman SwiniarskiRoman Swiniarski

1943 – 2014