FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

While we have made every effort to insure that the information on this page is accurate, university policies may change. Please consult with a CS major adviser to be certain.

Do I need a C or better for courses required for the CS major?

No, you do not need a grade of C or better for any course required for the CS major. You must have a 2.0 GPA, both overall and in the major. However, you need not automatically repeat a course when you receive a grade lower than a C. We recommend that you meet with a CS major adviser and discuss your situation before repeating the course.

My degree audit says that I need additional sciences coursework. But I think I have fulfilled this requirement.

Sometimes students end up taking more sciences coursework than required because of this message. You need a total of 12 units of sciences coursework including one of the sequences of physics, chemistry or biology. See the Degree Requirements link for details. Your degree audit will continue to say that you need additional coursework to satisfy 12 units of sciences–even if you have satisfied the requirement–until you file an Outline for the Major form. You need not do this until your last semester, though you may file one at any time.