Author: Sarah White

Computer Algorithms Aid Conservation

Earlier this year, Marie A. Roch and Xiaobai Liu received additional funding from the Department of Defense Office of Naval Research to analyze the sounds of various dolphins and whales using computer algorithms. Their efforts will help military and commercial ships monitor their impact on marine mammals.

2021 Outstanding Graduate Tommy Cao

I consider it beautiful that each question asked on Google reflects a student closing a gap in their knowledge. Eventually this adds up and creates something amazing in the form of a program, or in our case a Computer Science Degree.

Meet Dr. Bryan Donyanavard

Dr. Bryan Donyanavard researches how self-aware software programs can more efficiently adapt to uncertain and unpredictable situations.

Computer Science Students Win Startup Competition

Two SDSU Computer Science students and two Fowler College of Business students are on the road to founding a company together after winning $1000 in a recent campus business pitch competition.

Meet Dr. Hajar Homayouni

Dr. Hajar Homayouni’s research focuses on anomaly detection in different domains using machine learning algorithms.