Group shot of Dr. Whitney and the visiting Brazilian students
Vinicius Ho Nagura from Federal University of Sao Carlos, Alexis van Haare Heijmeijer from Federal University of Technology (Panama), Dr. Roger Whitney, Augusto Sousa Afonso from Federal University of Pará.

This summer Dr. Whitney hosted four undergraduate students, Vinicius Ho Nagura, Alexis van Haare Heijmeijer, Augusto Sousa Afonso and Allan Alves, from Brazil to learn about Functional Reactive Programming. The goal was to give them an idea what it takes to develop an application using a Functional Language.  Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) deals with how to architect GUI applications. Nearly all of the work in this area is done on web apps so they built the back end of a web app; a system to register students to the CS masters exams.

This was a great experience for the Brazilian students. They gained new knowledge on a new technology that they will be able to use in the future. Alexis plans “to write my final graduate project about my research, so I will keep studying deeper what I have learned” here with Dr. Whitney.

They also got to experience the city of San Diego. Augusto states “San Diego is a great city, I had a lot of fun there, and I met new people, Brazilians and Americans. The beaches and parties were amazing and I really had a good time there. I hope to come back to San Diego soon.”

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