About the Program

The Master of Science degree program in Computer Science offers software, systems, architecture, artificial intelligence, and computer science theory courses. A master’s degree in Computer Science provides education and creative experience to prepare graduates for advanced professional employment in industry, government, or college-level teaching.

Master’s level research projects are available in the following areas of computer science: distributed systems, multiprocessing, operating systems, graphics, neural networks, formal languages, numerical methods, robotics, signal processing, and computational complexity. Specialized laboratories exist for microprocessor architecture, graphics, robotics, and intelligent machines.

See the Center for Graduate Studies website for information about the requirements for admission and how to apply to the program. The SDSU Graduate Bulletin contains the university-wide requirements for a master’s degree and a description of the computer science masters and complete department requirements. Once admitted, you will want to review the Orientation and Handbook for New Graduate Students.

Financial Aid

The department offers a very limited number of teaching assistantships. The Application Form (PDF) contains instructions for applying. Teaching assistants normally teach two lower-division sections (6 units) per semester. SDSU’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can provide some financial aid..

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Computer Science (CS) Master’s degree changed starting in Fall 2023. All CS Masters students entering the CS Master’s program in Fall 2023 or later must meet the new requirements to graduate.

Students who started the CS Masters program in Spring 2023 or earlier do not need to follow the new requirements. They can either satisfy the requirements in place when they began the Master’s program or elect to switch to the new requirements. However, switching to the new requirements could delay graduation due to the time it will take to satisfy the new requirements.

Degree Requirements for Fall 2023 and Later

Degree Requirements for Fall 2022 and Earlier