Computer Science Master’s Exams

Graduate students selecting Plan B must pass three of six possible written comprehensive exams. Students can select any three exams of Automata-Formal language, Database Management Systems, Data Structures & Algorithms, Intelligent Systems & Robotics, Operating Systems-Architecture, and Programming Languages. Copies of previous exams are available at Cal Copy, 5131 College Avenue; call 619-582-9949 for hours.

Students are allowed three attempts to pass each local exam. That is, students can take up to three tries on each of the local exams. However, the (non-local!) GRE Computer Science subject exam has no limit on the number of attempts.  **Note the GRE CS subject exam is being discontinued by ETS after April 2013**

To sign-up or cancel for an exam, please refer to instructions on the Schedule webpage:

The master’s exams are offered two times a year before the start of the Fall semester and before the start of the Spring semester.  Each exam is only offered once per semester. Please refer to the online schedule for dates, times, and exam locations.

When exams have been graded, you will be notified via email. Please do not contact the Department Office inquiring about your grades. Remember the test number assigned to you!

For more information about the Master’s exams contact a graduate student adviser.

Upon successfully completing and passing three requisite Master’s exams, and

  • have taken or had waived the GRE;
  • have an Official Program of Study on file; and
  • attained Advancement to Candidacy,

please contact the Department Office via email: . Include your full name, RedID number, the name of the exams you have passed, and the semester in which you passed the exams. You will be notified via email that you have met the requirements for graduation. Complete and print the Report of Final Examinations form, have your academic adviser sign it, and then take the form to the Graduate Division. This form is needed to complete your graduation requirements, without which you will not be processed for graduation.