Research News

Computer Algorithms Aid Conservation

Earlier this year, Marie A. Roch and Xiaobai Liu received additional funding from the Department of Defense Office of Naval Research to analyze the sounds of various dolphins and whales using computer algorithms. Their efforts will help military and commercial ships monitor their impact on marine mammals.

Dr. Valafar Receives $640,241 Grant

Dr. Valafar is awarded a $640,241 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to study the molecular basis for drug resistance in […]

Dr. Edwards Receives $182,257 Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Rob Edwards for receiving a $182,257 grant from DOE Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  The title of the grant was Bacteriophage Genome Finishing […]

Sailing the Viromic Seas

Click Here to View Video Story By Michael Price This story will appear in the spring 2015 issue of 360:The Magazine of San Diego State […]